Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Creating a Highrise case to deal with a car accident
A recent car accident was a bummer but at least Highrise helped sort it out.

Web firm Viget Labs picks Campfire over IRC
Their initial solution was to use an internal IRC server but they soon realized Campfire is a better solution for keeping communication flowing.

Tips on integrating Highrise with your iPhone (or any phone that syncs with Address Book)
Citizen Scholar’s Randy J. Hunt has planned ahead for Highrise/iPhone interaction without even knowing it. In the piece, he offers a handy template vCard and describes how to use it to set up your iPhone (or any phone that syncs with Address Book) so it plays nice with Highrise.

Photographer David Burke calls Highrise “a fantastic way to manage your relationships”
“Coming from one of the ‘little guys’ in the business world, I have to tell you that Highrise is a gift to me! Managing my relationships is crucial for my business…Here is how Highrise helps me…”

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