What questions do you have for 37signals? Fire away and we’ll do our best to answer in the comments.

Note: We can’t guarantee we’ll answer everything (sometimes we just don’t know and there’s some info we can’t share). Also, we’re a private company and we do not disclose revenues, profits, or investment details. Sorry.

FYI, here are some of the good questions we answered last time we did this:

Can you share some times when you bought items for the business or office that, looking back, were either silly or were purchased too soon?

How did you seek out the talent/team that is 37signals?

You guys are mostly known for your interfaces, but how much do you believe your copywriting skills have to do with your success?

What thoughts or difficulties have you had with Rails and serving situations to handle the amount of requests that you do?

What are some of the books that you find yourself re-reading, or books that helped shape your perspective?

Check out the comments on that post for the answers to these and more questions.