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Pastor uses Highrise to keep track of interactions with his congregation
Rev. Andrew Conard, Pastor of Congregational Care at The United Methodist Church, writes in: “I have found Highrise to be an excellent way to keep track of interactions that I have with members and visitors to the congregation both in the hospital, in appointments, at worship and around town. Highrise has become an integral part of my task of providing the best possible care for each person.”

StartupNation reviews Highrise
“Currently I have 1,556 e-mails in my company inbox. This doesn’t even count towards the average of a few hundred e-mails I have in each of my 30 current client inboxes. So when a client calls and I need to find the paper trail of our last conversation…well, you can imagine it takes me a while. Having a paper trail presented to me with an easy graphical interface and categorization for all of my contact communications streamlines this process greatly.”

1. Get friends to use Backpack 2. Receive free service
The Backpack Affiliate Program allows you to earn credits that are applied towards your Backpack account. These credits reduce your subscriptions fees and allow you to earn free service. It’s your reward for helping us spread the word about Backpack. And everyone who has a Backpack account is eligible.

Basecamp customers: Save money by referring friends with the Basecamp Affiliate Program
Lots of people are saving money on Basecamp by referring their colleagues, friends, and clients via the Basecamp Affiliate Program. Here’s how it works.

A Quicksilver script that posts notes to specific cases in Highrise
ttention Quicksilver/Highrise fans: Fitzage is at it again. Earlier, he created a Highrise task script for Quicksilver that posts tasks to specific cases. Now he’s created a script that posts notes to specific cases. If you’re looking to shave time off your Highrise interactions and you’re a Quicksilver user, check ‘em out.

Inline spreadsheets at Basecamp
Andrew Crow offered a tip on using inline spreadsheets at Basecamp.

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