New Highrise feature: Filter by multiple tags
Tonight we added one of the top feature requests to Highrise: Selecting multiple tags. Now you can filter your contacts and related notes by more than one filter. For example, selecting “Lead” and “2007” and “Design” will show you your contacts that match all three tags.

Hit End, Home, or Page Up/Down keys while dragging to save time
Mac OS X customers can use keyboard navigation while dragging items in Backpack in order to avoid scrolling. Hit the End, Home, or Page Up/Down keys while dragging and save yourself the hassle of having to scroll a lot.

Campfire helps Futuretrack5 collaborate across time zones
“What email is to mail, campfire is to teams. We connected on a whole new level. The simplicity of Campfire is ideal for group chat. Unlike IM which tends to be one-on-one, Campfire is like well…sitting around a campfire! Rather than roasting marshmallows, we burned through getting work done…We exchanged ideas, swapped stories & posted photos of ourselves (the way file sharing is implemented is incredible).”

Tag tab and streams in Highrise
Tags in Highrise are now accessible through the dedicated Tag tab and we’ve added streams that let you see all the notes from people tagged with a certain tag. This is a great way to get an overview of all the communication you’ve had with, say, “Leads” or people in “Marketing”. Tags now have their own permanent pages as well and will show up as tabs when you access them.

Can constraints make your team better project managers?
“I (too frequently) find myself wishing Basecamp had some particular feature only to realise that if we’d been working properly or more effectively in the first place then Basecamp’s feature set would be spot on, and I wouldn’t even be thinking about the feature.”

Get your Backpack Calendar events on your iPhone (or elsewhere)
It’s easy to share Backpack calendars in iCal format and then view them elsewhere (e.g. in an iCal that syncs with an iPhone). Here’s how…

Property management company uses Basecamp to track activities and repairs
“How I use Basecamp: Property Management” is a blog post about how a property management company uses Basecamp to track and manage activities and repairs at 16 different buildings.

Networking, “Never Eat Alone,” and Highrise
“It’s as if the book [“Never Eat Alone (And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time)”] was written to accompany the launch of Highrise. It’s remarkable…The more I read this book, the more I think of inspiring uses for Highrise.”

never eat alone