The worst strategy is whining
“Whining is rarely a successful response to anything. Instead, start by acknowledging that most of the profit from your business is going to disappear soon. Unless you have a significant cost advantage (like Amazon’s or Wal-Mart’s), someone with nothing to lose is going to be able to offer a similar product for less money. So what’s scarce now? Respect. Honesty. Good judgment. Long-term relationships that lead to trust.”
All about hummingbirds
“Hummingbirds while in flight have the highest metabolism of all animals, a necessity in order to support the rapid beating of their wings. Their heart rate can reach as high as 1,260 beats per minute, a rate once measured in a Blue-throated Hummingbird. They also typically consume more than their own weight in food each day, and to do so they must visit hundreds of flowers daily. At any given moment, they are only hours away from starving.”
You don’t need a plan, you need skills and a problem
“Screw your plans. Work on your skills. Apply them to a problem that is biting you. Flush and repeat until people believe you had a plan.”
7 futuristic interfaces
Listed at the recently launched Oobject (“like Billboard charts for gadgets”).
List of next generation acronyms
GI — Google it, MOP — Mac or PC?, FCAO — five conversations at once, IIOYT — is it on YouTube?, DYFH — did you Facebook him/her?, etc.
Italian Futurists
“At the beginning of the 20th century a small group of artists set out to ‘destroy cultural institutions and create new ones.’ This group became known as the Italian Futurists and their beliefs encompassed many areas of politics and culture. Within literature and visual arts the artists expressed their beliefs in visual poems. These poems took the traditional elements of type, color and page and recombine them in a radical new way through creative typography.”
Webistrano: “Capistrano deployment the easy way”
Webistrano is a Web UI for managing Capistrano deployments. It lets you manage projects and their stages like test, production, and staging with different settings. Those stages can then be deployed with Capistrano through Webistrano.
Leave your laptop behind with iPhone Web apps
“This past weekend I realized I do most of what I want on the Web with my iPhone. I don’t mean editing web pages, updating blog posts, downloading photos and such, but for the basics of checking email, updating Facebook and Twitter accounts, sending instant messages, reading RSS feeds, making a list, taking a quick picture and emailing it to my flickr account, and listening to music or a book, I’m covered.”
iPhoto Library Manager
“iPhoto Library Manager is a must-have utility for those who love iPhoto but whose photo collections have outgrown iPhoto’s practical capabilities.”
Are taller people smarter?
“Taller people earn more because they are smarter on average. They document that, as early as age three (before schooling has had a chance to play a role), taller children perform significantly better on cognitive tests. These higher scores persist through childhood.”