Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Campfire keeps Eli Duke in touch with friends/family while in Antarctica
“[Campfire] is completely idiot proof and SO easy to use. I can’t stress that enough. When people (mainly my parents) clicked on the URL for the chat room, all they had to do was type in their name and click ‘Sign In.’ That’s it! They didn’t have to download anything, they didn’t have to learn how to use new software, they just typed in their name, clicked one button, and they were ready to chat.”

The view from Antarctica.

New Highrise features: Quickcard, rename tags, bulk import delete, and more
1) Quickcard. 2) Bulk import delete. 3) Rename a tag. 4) Add contacts to a case without having to write a note about them.

Hovering over the Quickcard icon will reveal that person’s contact information.

SimplifyThis and Basecamp: Easily invoice your customers and get paid faster online
1) Allows users to invoice Projects and To-Dos. 2) Extends the Basecamp data model by keeping an hourly rate for Projects and To-Dos. 3) Allows users to add time entries in SimplifyThis or from SimplifyThis Google Gadget and sync them back with Basecamp.

Learn more about SimplifyThis’ Basecamp integration.

Posting sketches with Campfire
Chris Busse: “Partly because of my love of putting up sketches in Campfire (sometimes to the ire of my co-workers when I go Sharpie-crazy), I recently got an HP OfficeJet Pro L7680 All-in-one device which has a scanner with an Auto Document Feeder. I take a piece of paper out of the printer and sketch, or mark up a print out of a design with a Sharpie and run it back through the ADF . I have the HP utilities set to not show any dialogs or prompts, and the image is scanned immediately to a specific directory as a 75dpi PNG , which I can post right up in Campfire with a very short elapsed turnaround time.”

Winslow & Company uses Backpack for Commercial Real Estate Searches
“I use Backpack for several functions in my life, but recently I have been using it as a tool to keep my commercial real estate clients up to date on their search for office space in Manhattan. I have clients all around the country, often in multiple offices, that need to see floorplans, info on spaces we’re considering for them, pictures of spaces, lists of spaces we’ve already researched and more.”

Laughing Giant has an “ahh” moment with Highrise
“Today, I entered a contact from a few years back who called me out of the blue, and when I finished the entry, I realized I wanted her on my iPhone address book too. So I click the “vCard” link, and the vCard file downloaded from Highrise to my computer, and then opened Address Book and added it! Now when I plug in my iPhone, it will automatically sync and put her in. Excellent and thoughtful step from the Highrise team to integrate so well. This makes a no-brainer deciding where to add new contacts.”

The vCard link makes it easy to add contacts elsewhere.

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