Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

How to make Backpack dividers linkable
This tip makes Backpack dividers linkable — that way you can jump directly to a section, which can be helpful on longer pages.

New Highrise feature: Streamlined “edit contact” flow
We pushed an update that streamlines the “edit contact” process in Highrise. Before the update uploading a photo, editing contact information, and changing permissions was a 3-tab multi-click process. Now you can make all these changes on a single tab called “Contact and Permissions.”

Basecamp helps Epsilon Concepts communicate, manage projects, and handle worldwide staff collaboration
“The number one reason we love Basecamp: it’s a powerful, flexible, and extensible application that is actually EASY. Initially, when I decided to implement Basecamp for our project management needs, I was somewhat concerned that our less ‘computer literate’ clients may have reservations about jumping out of their e-mail accounts and into a program like Basecamp. This concern turned out to be completely bogus as to this day we haven’t had a single client that hasn’t been able to instantly understand, utilize, and harness the power of Basecamp.”

Mobile productivity with Basecamp and Highrise on the iPhone
“I use Highrise and Basecamp from 37signals to manage the majority of my practice, and Safari dances through both of these sites with ease, allowing me to review and edit information from anywhere. I feel the iPhone – and specifically its web features – have finally allowed me to gain some mobile productivity.”

Smashing Magazine: “Basecamp manages all possible aspects of a project with ease”
“Without a doubt a powerful management application that successfully manages all possible aspects of a project with ease…Whilst you have a number of options when it comes to online project management, with it’s multi-user setup, milestones, to-do’s, messaging, writeboards and so much more, you’ll have a hard time finding a more proficient tool than Basecamp.”

Campfire vs. regular IM
Why choose Campfire over a conventional instant messaging network? There’s a page at the Campfire site that explains why Campfire is a better solution than regular IM. It gives you a good overview on why Campfire is “the businessperson’s answer” to the chat dilemma.

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