Gym Jones
The Colonel writes: “Simply amazing. These are the guys that trained the cast of 300… brutally.

Tasty bits:

Gym Jones is not a cozy place. There’s no AC, no comfortable spot to sit and there are no mirrors. Stressors are intentionally designed to cause discomfort and apprehension. Effort and pain may not be avoided. Physical and psychological breakdowns occur…

Gym Jones is private and isolated from the modern fitness ideal precisely because we believe that attitude to be poison. We believe that a proper training facility is separated from the complacency of the general public, and has its own set of rules and values. We believe that nothing of value maybe acquired by simply going through the motions; real fitness is earned…

From its birth in December 2003 Gym Jones has followed the Fight Club model of “free to all” though not all are invited. Those who are do not pay. No one may buy their way in or buy anything associated with the project. The original model will exist in a back room under my guidance whether we open other doors to the public or not.

Last but not least, a photo of the original gym.”

Caryn Rose writes: “Check out the text in this order status update. What a refreshing change from the normal ‘DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL’ bs. All of this merchant’s communications have the same spirit and tone. I’ll definitely remember them, and order from them again.”

The email:

From: Moosejaw
Subject: Moosejaw Order Status Update for Order

Thanks again for placing such a fantastic order at!

Your Order Tracking and Order Summary Information is below. We recommend printing this information and mounting it into a mahogany frame for a foyer or living room. If you don’t have a printer they’re very easy to steal from a friend and bring back later, just something to keep in mind…

If you have any questions about your order please reply to this email or call us at 877.Moosejaw (877.666.7352) or at 248.246.4000. When you’re bored please check out our Daily Remark. Today’s remark is especially riveting. Now I’ll stop bothering you.

Love the Madness.


Sean Abrahams writes: “In the attached screenshot (from Review Comments), presents us with a confusing dialog.

add to

Do I what? Agree it doesn’t add to the discussion? Or, disagree and think that it does add to the discussion?”

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