This is the third in a series of posts showing how we use Campfire as our virtual office. All screenshots shown are from real usage and were taken during one week in September.

CampfireThis time we’ll take a look at how Campfire is an integral part of our sysadmin and development efforts.

Discover and fix a code failure
Whenever someone checks in a piece of code, CIA (Continous Integration Agent) automatically runs our test suites and reports on any failed tests. one week in CF

Analyze a server problem
David and Mark discuss a server issue. one week in CF

Subversion shows changes to the code
Subversion tracks changes Ryan recently uploaded. Jason offers kudos on the copy edit made. one week in CF

Tell everyone about a server change
Sam deploys changes to Backpack and details what was changed. one week in CF

Prep the rollout of a new feature
The team discusses server performance and the best way to roll out a new feature. one week in CF

Share server analytics
Mark and David discuss median response times. one week in CF

Find out when a domain will update
Jason posts a domain status screen and asks Mark when it will update. one week in CF

(Note: Tinder, the unofficial Campfire API, is what we use to send Subversion check-in notices and Capistrano deploy messages into our development chat room.)

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Coming soon: How we use Campfire for copywriting, customer support, and more.