Laptops designed by 7-9 year-olds
“Both heartwarmingly personal and frighteningly tied to pop culture. A close study reveals keyboard buttons assigned to ‘,’ ‘best friends’ next to ‘friends,’ ‘HP [Harry Potter] trivia,’ and ‘werd games’ as well as ‘rily werd games.’”
How to write magnetic headlines
“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of the headline, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece. The better the headline, the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people. The Magnetic Headlines series will provide you with concrete guidance that will have you writing better headlines in no time.”
New Scientist: Top 10 bizarre experiments
“Here are 10 of the bizarrest experiments of all time – which, it must be said, mostly fall closer to madness than to genius.” #1: Elephants on acid.
Why I hate Twitter
“There’s more of a chance that my dog will type Ulysses than that I’ll get an intelligent Twitter message… Why? Because WRITING IS THINKING. Good writing reflects good thinking. It’s why we go through multiple drafts of anything… to get to what we REALLY want to say. (And, for many writers, to discover what it is they really want to say… most of us don’t know what we think until we start writing.)” [via zk]
Getting started with IMAP for Gmail
“IMAP offers a more stable experience overall. Whereas POP is prone to losing messages or downloading the same messages multiple times, IMAP avoids this through its two-way syncing capabilities between your mail clients and your web Gmail. If you’re trying to decide between using POP and using IMAP with your Gmail account, we recommend IMAP.”
The case against hyperblogging
“Words have relative values. Someone who talks a lot has less value to their words than someone who rarely speaks. But when that quiet person speaks, people listen. When you publish 20 posts a day, your individual posts lose value. And when you finally do have something important to say, it gets lost among the clutter. Your signal to noise ratio is too low.”
Interview with James Victore from "How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer"
“The Internet is changing things in the same way that the invention of ink on paper did. And there is this wonderful, funny question that people like to ask all the time: ‘Are posters dead?’ It’s like asking Twyla Tharp, ‘Is dance dead?’ People try to reorganize and rename things and change them and qualify and quantify them. I just want the spirit of design to remain. I feel now the way Tibor did: People have not fucked with the printed page as much as we still can. I want those opportunities. But I think those opportunities get fewer and fewer. And there’s too many of us. But there aren’t not enough crackpots and artists in the business—they’re all MBAs.”
Workday game plans
“Use your first hour at work to concentrate on a high-priority task. That will help you begin the day with a clear head. Free of mental debris from the start, you set a good precedent for the rest of the day.”
New from the Elsewares team: Supermarket
“Supermarket is a curated collection of awesome design products.”
Why do we work on things that don't matter?
“When it comes to software, no wins are ever as quick as we think they’re going to be. And, when it comes to everything, we’re never going to get as much done as we think. So it’s important, especially early on, that the entire team knows what your biggest bottleneck is at any given time so they can be focused on that”.
Nabaztag wi-fi rabbit
“A Wi-Fi-enabled toy rabbit from France that changes color and moves its ears to provide real-time information about weather, traffic, stock price movements or incoming e-mail.”