Sequoia, the guys who funded Apple, Google, and YouTube, have a no-frills site. It stands out from the typical flashy, fancy, or salesy VC firm site.


Vincent Hubert writes:

Have a look at the bottom of the page here: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

You want to have a clue on how much clutter you have? Just click on the truck ratio, and you will see the amount of junk it represents.

got junk

It’s always a challenge to deliver bad news to customers. Don Wilson spotted this Blockbuster account change email and sent it in. The compay is downgrading customers on this plan from unlimited in-store exchanges to 3 free exchanges per month. The note is a little long winded — the main point: You no longer get unlimited in-store exchanges — but at least it clearly explains what’s going on and shows all the options available to customers.

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