How Obama’s speechwriters (who are under 30 btw) work with the candidate
“What I do is to sit with him for half an hour. He talks and I type everything he says. I reshape it, I write. He writes, he reshapes it. That’s how we get a finished product. It’s a great way to write speeches. A lot of times, you write something, you hand it in, it gets hacked by advisers, it gets to the candidate and then it gets sent back to you. This is a much more intimate way to work.”
Customer experience case studies: Amazon, Apple, SAS, Whole Foods, and Zappos
“We now can point to case studies of major successes that explicitly and provably stem from a focus on good experience. (And they’re getting more frequent; these five case studies all popped up within the last few weeks.)”
The downside of home-office life
“For home-office workers who aren’t in regular touch with colleagues or clients, a frequent complaint — even among those who say they are distracted by other members of their households — is of isolation.”
49 simple and clean designs
“Let’s put it straight – simplicity is more complex than you probably think it is. To design a web-site in user-friendly tones, presenting all information and removing unnecessary details isn’t easy. In fact, many designers don’t manage to find the right mix between details and their presentation on the screen, which usually results in an information overkill and/or decreased usability. However, some designers do manage to find the right balance and create usable, elegant and clean web-sites with simple layouts. We’ve selected some of them.”
How the iPhone blew up the wireless industry
“Even the iPhone’s hardware and software teams were kept apart: Hardware engineers worked on circuitry that was loaded with fake software, while software engineers worked off circuit boards sitting in wooden boxes. By January 2007, when Jobs announced the iPhone at Macworld, only 30 or so of the most senior people on the project had seen it.”
Scrubbing the iPhone Scrubber
“For scrolling through menus and adjusting volume, the iPhone’s new UI methods are, IMHO, superior to the old iPod’s wheel. But the “jog dial” is still the ideal user interface for arbitrary positioning the playhead in audio and video tracks. It’s a hardware solution that has been in professional and consumer use for decades.”
Whom are you excluding?
“The first thing I’d ask myself before launching a product, a service, or a candidate is, ‘who are we leaving out?’ If the answer is no one, be prepared for uncharted waters. The future of marketing (at least the big successes) is going to be fueled by those with the guts to embrace the masses. The profits, at least in the short run, may well be found by those that embrace exclusion.”
Why Tuscany fears too many tourists
”’Progress cannot be measured only in terms of raising gross domestic product,’ said Luciano Fiordoni, an economist who spoke at a recent anti-airport rally in Siena. ‘You have to factor in quality of life,’ he said. ‘We don’t object to growth, but our main intent is to remain human.’”