Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

How Expekt uses Basecamp to manage one of the leading European online gaming sites
“Late this summer I heard about Basecamp and 37signals. 2 months later our whole marketing department collaborates in Basecamp. Lost mails, confusion, and who’s doing what/when are no longer a problem.”

Library professionals use Backpack for presentations (and more)
MCLC Library Tech Talk, a technology interest group for the library professionals in Maricopa County, AZ, recently published a review/description of Backpack: “I use Backpack in particular to collaborate with colleagues on projects or presentations, and often use it to outline any presentation I might give.”

RunMyProcess lets you integrate your Basecamp information with other applications without any programming
“The global idea is to offer integration of Basecamp with another application without any programming: Just design the flow of information and select from our library of connectors the one needed.”

Where to get status updates from 37signals
If you’re ever having trouble reaching a 37signals site (including our products), then check the 37signals System Status page. We’ll always post the latest news there on any service issues. The 37status Twitter stream will also keep you up to date on the latest news.

Print data from a php script to a Campfire room with Ice Cube
Up until now, the only API available for Campfire was Tinder, an unofficial API built in Ruby On Rails. But now there’s Ice Cube, which makes it possible to print data from a php script to a room in Campfire. Features include: join room, send message (incl. paste), and leave room. recommends Highrise calls Highrise a new CRM entrant you should highly consider: “It’s feature rich and I recommend you give it a spin for your own business.”

iBackpack makes Backpack pages friendly for the iPhone and iPod Touch
“iBackpack is code (mostly CSS) that optimizes Backpack pages for use on the iPhone and iPod touch. The iBackpack code is hidden from other devices, so it won’t change the way Backpack looks or works on other devices.”


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