My cousin (and his crew) just launched a new online storage and backup service called SpiderOak.

One of the especially friendly features includes the automated invisible backup feature:

SpiderOak automatically recognizes any new and/or edited document, photo, song, or movie and backs it up in real time without you ever having to think, wonder or worry. This automated system works quietly in the background – never slowing down applications or Internet connections.

They also have versioning so you can roll back to any previous version of a backed-up file. They have desktop client software for Mac, Windows, Linux 32 bit, and Linux 64 bit. They’ve also open sourced some of their code.

There’s a growing number of online file storage and backup services out there, but if you’re in the market you may want to add SpiderOak to your consideration list. They have pay plans and a free plan that includes 2GB of space.

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