No Ideas But In Things
“No Ideas But In Things is a library of controls, animations, layouts, and displays that might be a source of inspiration for interaction designers. Dan Saffer is the curator.”
Monome creator says limitations promote intuitive design
The Monome designer says, “I’m an ultra-minimalist, and there’s an incredible draw for me towards simplified systems. When you introduce limitations it promotes more intuitive design.”
The lost world of Joseph Pulitzer
“A century ago, newspapers were bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. What happened?” [tx Peter]
Blossom plant at My Dream App
“The Blossom plant responds to your productivity! Choose a virtual plant to illustrate achievement of your goals. Create criteria that feed it and criteria that neglect it. For example, to feed it: Actively use Excel or Photoshop. To Neglect it: Actively use World of Warcraft or browse blogs on Safari. IF your plant is healthy and flowering, you know you’re meeting your goals. Consistently failing to meet one’s goals will slowly wilt the plant. Clicking on the plant can display stats of current health, graphs of app usage, and suggestions of what to work on next to meet your goals.”
10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure
“5. Don’t Do – Talk. Try to fill up as much of your day with socializing as possible. Talk about all the things you will do someday or that you were gonna do. Just make sure you don’t mess it up by doing anything productive.”
Dilbert’s Scott Adams lost his speaking voice and then regained it by speaking in rhymes
“The day before yesterday, while helping on a homework assignment, I noticed I could speak perfectly in rhyme…Then something happened. My brain remapped. My speech returned. Not 100%, but close, like a car starting up on a cold winter night. And so I talked that night. A lot. And all the next day. A few times I felt my voice slipping away, so I repeated the nursery rhyme and tuned it back in. By the following night my voice was almost completely normal.”
“Your BlogShow lets you host your own talk show online. Receive live callers, interview guests, and broadcast to an unlimited number of listeners.”
Browser extension blocks any Flash content
“Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It then leaves placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content.”
Funny satire of the “take a photo everyday” project