Never have a limit on your income
“if you make a living only providing an in-person (hands-on) service, you are limiting your income. If you were in a ‘while you sleep’ business, there is no limit to how much you can make.”
Business vs. academia
“In business you learn at a faster rate, and there’s a lack of bureaucracy and better pay. I tell associates you don’t really know bureaucracy until you experience academic institutions.”
Architecture astronauts take over
“Between Microsoft and Google the starting salary for a smart CS grad is inching dangerously close to six figures and these smart kids, the cream of our universities, are working on hopeless and useless architecture astronomy because these companies are like cancers, driven to grow at all cost, even though they can’t think of a single useful thing to build for us, but they need another 3000-4000 comp sci grads next week. And dammit foosball doesn’t play itself.”
Gel 2008 recap
Notes, photos, blog posts, etc. Sample: “All in all I highly recommend Gel for anyone looking to expand your understanding and awareness of what makes a great user experience. Whether it’s visiting a website, making your own food, building a catapult or attending a conference it will open your eyes in a lot of new ways.”
After three decades, Tom Petty reassembles his old band
“At an age when most stars are content to cruise, he seemed thrilled to have a new challenge. ‘Really it makes no sense,’ said Warren Zanes, a musician and educator who edited the oral history companion to ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream.’ ‘It’s completely at odds with the self-mythologizing tendency you see in a lot of rock stars. But Tom Petty is a guy who likes to have fun playing music, and he continues to explore different ways to do that.’...Diarmuid Quinn, chief operating officer of Warner Brothers Records, compared Mr. Petty to unconventional musicians (and label mates) like Neil Young and Jack White. ‘With this kind of artist, you go with their instincts,’ Mr. Quinn said, ‘because they’re usually right.’”
National Small Business of the Year:
“A lawyer-turned-entrepreneur was the recipient of the title National Small Business of the Year…Shawn Boyer, the award recipient, started in 2000 after a friend asked for help finding a summer internship online. When Boyer noticed the absence of websites geared toward internships or hourly jobs, he researched the business, left his job as a lawyer, found venture capital and started the company. Eight years later, Boyer’s business has grown from just two employees to 110 full-time employees. The company grossed sales of $11 million in 2007.”
Soda can synchronization