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Dashboard widget for Backpack Journal
You can post your status and create new journal entries right from your Dashboard thanks to’s Dashboard widget.

Case studies
How eduFire operates as a virtual company using Basecamp, Campfire, and Highrise
“We needed a piece of CRM software that would allow our team members to add contact information, make notes and share contacts remotely…We needed it to require as little training as possible (many of the people inputting data on the tutors were part-time workers or interns). Before Highrise, there wasn’t anything that would have worked (I know…we looked!). Using Highrise we were able to recruit hundreds of tutors and manage their information very efficiently.”

Washington Post: Highrise “does nearly everything a personal secretary might do except go out for coffee and pick up our dry cleaning”
“We can’t afford to hire an administrative assistant, which is why we use Highrise. Nominally an online CRM tool, 37signals’ clever Web app does nearly everything a personal secretary might do except go out for coffee and pick up our dry cleaning…Highrise makes the job easy: Just bcc e-mail messages to a special ‘dropbox’ address, and your recipient’s address joins your contacts database automatically. You can then copy and paste their phone number, physical address, and other info at your leisure.”

Web marketing strategist uses 37signals products to replace spreadsheets, email, an address book, folders and sticky notes
“How do you keep track of your contacts, project notes, files, status updates, and sign-offs? For many years I relied on a combination of tools such as an Excel spreadsheet, my email, an address book, folders and sticky notes. As my business has grown and become more mobile (meaning some days I work from Panera Bread, some days from the patio, and others in my main office) I have found these tools just aren’t working for me anymore. I have looked high and low for a solution that would fit my needs and I have finally found my answer – Highrise and BackPack from 37signals.”

Search marketing agency: “Not a week goes by that we are not recommending Highrise”
“Highrise is simple, effective and allows us to get down to business with a clean and highly efficient interface. We can quickly review the pulse of our communications, assign tasks to our team, and stay on top of time-sensitive and mission critical exchanges with our clients, partners and team members. Not to mention, it’s actually fun to use!”

New Basecamp tour videos: 1) Colors & Logos and 2) Comments on Messages
Recently added to the Basecamp videos page: Audio/video tours of 1) Colors & Logos and 2) Comments on Messages.

New Highrise Feature: Bulk Tagging
By popular demand, today we formally introduce bulk tagging to Highrise. You can now tag multiple people at once. You can also tag people you’ve imported. Here’s a video to show you how it works.

Basecamp’s reply feature “in the wild”
“Basecamp (by 37signals) recently got a nice new feature – inline replies to project messages, infinitely improving project communication while on the go – in this case, I’m in the car (parked) responding to a Basecamp message on my old Nokia 62whatsit.”

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