Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Sparkflare pipes tweets and web feeds into Campfire
Sparkflare is a new Extra that pipes tweets and web feeds into a Campfire room. “Our team lives in Campfire and we want all of this information to come to us. We wrote Sparkflare to make this happen — for us, and for you.”

Ember 1.1 is now available (at a discounted price for the next week)
New features, discounted price for the next week. “Ember is a group chat client that allows you to use Campfire™ by 37signals® anywhere you go. Now in a native iPhone app you can chat effortlessly with groups large and small.”

More examples, improved help, and Extras at the new Backpack site
As mentioned previously, there’s a new look for the Backpack marketing site. You’ll now see more Examples of all the different ways you might use Backpack. We’ve also improved the organization in the Help section so that you can find answers to your questions more quickly. You can also check out all the Extras and iPhone Apps for Backpack in one place.

Updated Basecamp FAQ: What are the different levels of access for people in my company or people in other companies?
Check it out if you want details on what the different permissions levels are and what clients who have access to a project can and can not do.

Multiple products
Where to find out the status of 37signals apps
“We pride ourselves on our infrequent downtimes. But if you’re experiencing issues, you can visit our status page which will tell you if all systems are go or give you updates if something’s wrong. (Also available via RSS feed.) Also, 37signals Twitter feed usually offers up to the minute updates on what’s happening during any downtimes.”

37signals products are fully PCI compliant
“The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard is a comprehensive security standard that establishes common processes and precautions for handling, processing, storing and transmitting credit card data. All 37signals products are fully PCI compliant which means an extra layer of security on top of our already state-of-the-art security.”

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