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New in Backpack: Email replies to Newsroom Messages
We introduced email-reply to messages and comments in Basecamp a few months ago. It’s been a huge hit. Today we’re excited to be able to print this new feature to Backpack.

[Case study] How a home design and plan provider uses Highrise
“Highrise proves its self everyday when I receive an email or phone call with someone that I had been in correspondence with but had forgotten about. I quickly open Highrise and search their name in the nice fast search utility. This way it reminds me of their information and allows for a personalized phone call as well as eliminating the need of asking them to remind me who they are. Another way this helps me out is if my boss loses a phone message that I had provided him I still have a backup of the numbers, addresses, and any other information provided to me during the conversation.”

BG[Case Study] Broadband Genie: “You name it, we manage it through Basecamp!”
“The biggest thing straight away was quite simply the ability to upload graphic designs, specifications and so on and have everybody comment on it in one place, then iterate and so on. Attempting this sort of thing with a large group via email is pretty much a non-starter and can end badly. What Basecamp gave us was a single place where everybody could see everything that was going on, and (just as importantly) a record of what had gone on previously.”

Timepost, project timer that integrates with Basecamp, now available for both Windows and Mac
Timepost is a project timer that automatically downloads projects and to-dos from Basecamp. Previously available only for Mac OS X, it is now available for Windows too.

[Case Study] devego: “Basecamp is the air we breathe everyday”
“Basecamp is the air we breathe everyday, it gives us all the tools to actually ENJOY this work, while keeping it simple without a ‘mega-extra’ organization or effort from any of the offices. We get all the projects organized by themselves, everyone knows what to do next with the tasklists and we actually dont need to design a really cool intranet for our clients sees some demos, and also the clients don’t tamper our emails with their content documents, or the new pictures they need to post in their website.”

Milestones at devego’s Basecamp account.

Multiple products
A “Virtual Office Kinda Life” with 37signals tools
For the first time in a few months I feel like I’m more in control – not just organized, but working with my teams more efficiently…While I don’t have the ability to block off time each day to get work done (too many meetings – grrr) without interruption, I can track what needs to be done and get things done before and after the “workday”.

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