We’re excited to announce a new Backpack feature. Now you can reorder the pages linked in your sidebar. Sidebar links are no longer limited to alphabetical order. Our customers have been asking for this and we’re glad to deliver it today.

In the past, people have been using all kinds of tricks to keep their pages in a certain order. We’ve seen people numbering their pages or prepending them with funny symbols like * and # to force the pages to the top of the sidebar. Now all you have to do is hover over a page and drag to move it up or down.

Hover over a page link and you’ll see the drag icon on the right-hand side. Grab onto the icon and drag up and down to reorder the page. When you drop the page, the position is saved. It’s that easy.

We hope you enjoy taking control of your sidebar with this improvement to Backpack. Thanks for your continued support!