Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Time Tracking in Basecamp gets a fresh coat of paint
“If your Basecamp plan includes Time Tracking (Plus or higher) then you’ll notice some improvements to your Time tab today. We swept through the time tracking screens to make them a bit sharper and work a bit better. We also fixed some bugs along the way. You’ll notice that actions like editing a time entry or creating a time report are noticeably smoother now.”


New in Basecamp: Export your account in easy-to-read HTML format
“Basecamp has always offered account owners the chance to export their accounts in XML format. The trouble is that XML is a technical file format that only programmers can make use of. We wanted to offer an export designed for everybody—something account owners can download, open in their web browser, and print. That’s exactly what we did with the new “HTML export” option.”

Export options

PPMLite “simplifies project portfolio management with an interactive dashboard view of your Basecamp projects”
“PPMLite dramatically simplifies project portfolio management with an interactive dashboard view of your Basecamp projects and cross-project reporting (including resources!). In short, PPMLite makes it easier to align projects and resources with strategic objectives.”

Geek Girls Guide: “How to Manage House Projects with Basecamp”
At the Geek Girls Guide, Julie Horton offers up “How to Manage House Projects with Basecamp.”


Backpack helps keep author’s inbox cleaner by streamlining writing and editing process
“Now my Gmail inbox is thankfully shallower, with fewer messages and files when it comes to my editorial process. Gmail offers high storage but it feels better to arrange, share and store project-based content and information in a systematic way with Backpack. This makes Gmail more breathable and fun.”

Getting Real
MotorMouths: “Getting Real was an amazing resource for us”
“I’m the founder of MotorMouths, from the Time article linked above. As I hope is made clear from the piece, Getting Real was an amazing resource for us. Also, we continue to rely on Basecamp to virtually manage the company. And RoR to power the thing. And don’t get me started on how much inspiration I stole from the tales tucked away in the SvN archives. Thanks guys!”

The 37signals security overview
“The 37signals security overview gives you the full rundown on why our apps are secure. Topics covered: You’ll never lose important data. Your data won’t be compromised. You’ll always have access to your data. Our systems are hacker safe. Your billing information is safe and secure.”

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