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Knickers, the lingerie weblog, uses 37signals products to manage its team
“The logistics of organising and keeping in touch between the three of us were a nightmare at first – two of us are in Scotland and our writer is in the States, and both Katie and Alison aren’t tech saavy and react with suspicion to any new technology I turn them onto. I needed a way to capture their work and keep it organised, so I slowly started introducing 37S tools to them – we started with Backpack for writing business plans and doing research, then moved into Highrise to keep a ‘collective inbox’ and mailing list, then finally to Campfire to generally stay in touch.”

Knickers’ Highrise Dashboard.

Highrise and 37signals “set the standard for web 2.0 apps”
Highrise is one of’s 11 Top New Web Apps of 2007: “37signals sets the standard for web 2.0 apps, so you know it’s good: clean design, a highly functional interface, and interconnectivity with other 37signals apps.”

pencilled inUse calendar colors in Backpack to “pencil” in events
In Backpack’s Calendar, the different calendar colors are a great way to differentiate events in this way. Use gray for maybe events and blue for definite events. Then you’ll be able to see, at a glance, which events are merely “penciled” in. Plus, you can change an event from maybe to definite by just changing the event’s calendar (located in the pulldown menu next to the event).

How marketing consultant Jon Moss and his clients rely on Highrise
“My first major contract is for a high end watch and diamond jewellery business called Ian Blowers Jewellers. Whilst they are a very successful, small, family business, one of the key areas they needed improvement was customer data and communication. This is where Highrise fitted in perfectly! As well as working with customer information, I am also looking after their rebranding, new websites and also general marketing, so Basecamp is the perfect tool for keeping people within the business up to date with what is going on, and what needs to be done.”

Consumerist praises 37signals customer support
“37signals, the company behind the affordable online project management service Basecamp, has some of the fastest customer service we’ve ever seen: twice over the past year, they’ve responded in near-real-time to support questions with helpful, non-canned responses. We’re so used to big companies that sacrifice customer service in the name of profit, or small companies that aren’t prepared to handle queries, that it’s nice to come across a company that does it well.”

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