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FormSpring: Capture new contacts & leads in Highrise with a web form on your company site
Highrise contact management just got easier with FormSpring web forms. Customer information collected with a FormSpring web form moves automatically into your Highrise contact database.

Logbook: Post Backpack Journal updates in seconds without ever opening your browser
Logbook lets you post your status and log your work on your Backpack Journal right from your Mac.


Steve Rubel discusses workstreaming with the Backpack Journal
“One of their recent additions is the Backpack Journal, which I love. I can update it throughout the day to capture a running log of what I worked on, when. Right now this is just for my own use but Backpack works great in teams as well. Above is a screenshot from my Journal this am. I also update it from my iPhone using an app called Satchel and on the desktop use text expansion software to enter items more quickly. I use codes and phrases to track my time which I refer to when I enter my time reports.”

“Backpack is a great way to keep all your wedding planning in one place”
“Backpack is a great way to keep all your wedding planning in one place, accessible from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.”

Get real-time Basecamp project reporting from the iPhone
Rasmus Aaen Madsen of youcalc, provider of on-demand analytics, writes: “We took a couple of our most popular reporting apps for Basecamp and created new editions that run smoothly in the iPhone Safari browser. This means that Basecamp users can run live project reports from their iPhone – nice if you’re on the road and need to check up on your projects.”

Entrepreneur magazine: Basecamp keeps everyone on point at college startup
“Durkin and his team decided to turn to web-based project collaboration tool Basecamp to keep everyone on point. Now, at a cost of between $24 and $149 per month, Durkin can have employees across campus working on projects ranging from designing new campus features to connecting with local charities. “

Using the Basecamp API to create project reports
Bill Breen, Director of Web Development at, writes about using the Basecamp API to create project reports.

Interview with developers of Ember (Campfire for the iPhone)
The interview discusses how the Overcommitted team got started, how they decided on price, the development process, etc.

Getting Real
How Getting Real helped Litmus evolve from a side project into a $1m/year business
Paul Farnell attended a Building of Basecamp workshop years ago and then read Getting Real. He says that gave him the confidence boost to finish and launch his side project: Litmus. Around three years later, it’s now making almost a million dollars a year.

10 key takeaways from Getting Real
“The book is AWESOME. Really, if you are building, have built, or work on ANY product (web-based or not) you must read this book. I could have titled this “50 Takeaways” and gone on much longer, there is just so much good content in this book. It’s short, to the point, and is a great way to find some inspiration and new ideas to give you a little extra hop in your step. Please, go read it now.”

Multiple products
Campfire and Basecamp make ReadWriteEnterprise’s list of “The Four Essential Apps for Distributed Teams”
ReadWriteEnterprise recently published “The Four Essential Apps for Distributed Teams.” It’s a list of the four types of applications you’ll need for groups who work from geographically separate locations — and some examples of the popular places to get them.

The new “About 37signals” page
We now have an “About 37signals” page at Learn what we believe, meet our executive team, see the company timeline, etc.

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