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New in Highrise: Quickly file a note or email under a case or deal
We launched a new Highrise feature that makes it a lot faster and easier to file a note or email under a case or deal. This new feature will save you clicks and time — especially when filing a lot of notes/emails one after another.

Highrise is “especially suited” to small groups of lawyers and solo firms
“It does a superb job of organizing our client interactions. It can do the same for yours…It’s a wonderful tool, especially suited to small groups and solo firms.”

Create a timeline of a Basecamp project with BEEDOCS Timeline 3D
“You can quickly create timeline charts of the information in your Basecamp projects. I think this will be really useful to help you present executive summaries of your project status to either team members or to your customers.”


Seattle mayoral candidate uses Basecamp for campaign
“Mcginn, who uses web 2.0 Company 37Signals’ project management web application Basecamp for his campaign as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter…”

Keyboard shortcuts for editing Basecamp to-do items
Basecamp power user tip: Hover over a to-do item and press ‘e’ to edit it. Then press return to submit or esc to cancel. Less clicking, more to-doing!

An indie game developer explains why Basecamp beats emails and plain notes
“A common workflow for us looks like this: I assign a to-do to Martin to compose a music loop for our next game. We discuss some ideas (style and atmosphere of the music, length of the tracks, what file format to use) on the message thread of the actual to-do. Once Martin has composed something, he uploads an mp3 on the same thread. In this way the complete discussion happens in one place and does not get mixed up with other discussions.”

Home Grown E-business: Basecamp is a simple and elegant way to keep everyone on the same page
“If you need one place to keep your documents and your team, literally on the same page, and keep projects on track, then Basecamp offers a simple and elegant way to do that.”

The “How to” category at the Basecamp Customer Forum
The Basecamp Customer Forum has a nifty “How to” category where questions are asked and answered.

Third Wave Lawyer: “Basecamp Is The Best Marketing Tool!”
“By bringing the bankruptcy attorney, staff and firm into the loop on one case in such a dynamic fashion, it resulted in more frequent referrals from these bankruptcy law firms. We actually got received more case referrals from those attorneys participating with us on each case through Basecamp…If yours is a referral practice, and that is the type of practice you should have, Basecamp should be one of your primary marketing tools. Try it.”

New version of Tinder available
A new version of Tinder, an API for interfacing with Campfire, has been released.

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