Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

New in Highrise: Email Notifications, Daily Digests, Dropbox vCards
We launched a collection of really useful new features for Highrise: email notifications on notes and comments, daily digests via email for Deals and Cases, Dropbox vCards, and email shortcuts.

New in Highrise: Merge companies
Highrise has always allowed you to merge two people into one person. This is handy if you have duplicates or someone spelled someone’s name wrong and there are two separate entries in your Highrise contacts. Today we launch a long requested feature: Merge companies. You can now merge two companies into one company just like you can merge two people into one person.

Using tags in Highrise to organize your customer lists
“We spend a lot of time segmenting our customer and prospect lists so that we can pull different groups out for specific marketing campaigns. We created five priority tags—keywords you attach to contacts to categorize them…We prefix them with ‘@’ to keep these heavily used tags together and sorted at the top of the list. We also create tags to track how prospects and customers have interacted with us—ie. did they download a free resource, attend a teleseminar, buy a particular product or service.”

Highrise tags in action

Linnea’s Baby Room project managed from start to finish with Basecamp
“I created a Basecamp project for the room design, which really made it easy for Gail, Aga and I to share ideas and links in messages, to create to do lists and manage the milestones of the project from start to finish. Basecamp was especially handy for accessing information (e.g. paint color, product URLs) when we needed it most.”

An unofficial Backpack Tips page and Twitter account
“It catalogues the tips and tricks I have learnt over the last two years or so since I became a 37signals product user and general fan.”

Multiple products
Send real time updates from Wufoo to Highrise or Campfire
“We’re constantly hearing stories about how your teams and businesses depend on the ability to react quickly to the leads and registrations gathered with Wufoo. Because of this, we are excited to be releasing a new notification platform to help you send real time updates about the entries you’re collecting in Wufoo to your favorite web applications.”

New on the Launchpad: Deep links
We added a really useful, click-saving-and-time-saving new feature to the 37signals Launchpad (part of the new 37signals ID system). We call this new feature “deep links”.

37signals tools top the list at “100 Apps for Tech–Savvy Teachers”
“More than three million people use this application for a reason — it’s extremely effective for businesses and educators. 37 Signals makes it easier to collaborate, share, discuss and get work done through its programs.”

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