We’re just a week away! REWORK is in stores March 9, 2010. Pre-order today from Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and 800-CEO-READ.

This is the last video trailer for REWORK. We wanted to thank the following people for making these trailers possible:

  • Coudal Partners for filming, editing, and production. Special thanks to Steve Delahoyde.
  • Mark Greenberg for the custom music at the end of each clip.
  • Williams Labadie for lending us their conference room for the day for the Conference Call. Special thanks to Molly Connolly, Jeff Pazen, and Jason Dittmer.
  • Sandy Marshall for his passive-aggressive acting in Staying Late and irritating voiceover on the Conference Call.
  • Jamie, Michelle, and Dawson for their “give us your best annoyed hallway walk” acting skills.
  • And Nick Campbell for the crumple, drop, and slide motion graphics that close out each clip.

We had a blast putting these together. We hope you liked them.