It’s been quite a ride since REWORK launched on March 9. We’re proud to say the book has reached #4 in the “Hardcover Advice, How-To, Miscellaneous” category at the NY Times bestseller list in its second week:


Maybe we’ll make an attack ad against Alicia Silverstone next (“She really is CLUELESS!”).

It also debuted at #2 on the list of Best-Selling Hardcover Business Books at the Wall Street Journal:


It’s also #4 at USA Today’s Money Best Sellers list. According to our UK publisher, it will be #1 on the UK Sunday Times business bestseller list this weekend. International copies are out in many parts of the rest of the world too.

Best of all, people are loving the book. The average customer review at Amazon is 4.3 out of 5 stars (after 47 customer reviews). Here’s a sampling of reviews REWORK has received so far:

Alexis Rodich, Washington Post: “I want to buy a copy for everyone I know”

Brad Feld, MIT Technology Review: “Brilliant”

Jack Covert, founder of 800-CEO-READ: “I cannot over-emphasize its value”

Kevin Partner, PC Pro: “By far the most useful and provocative business book I’ve read in recent years”

Matt Dunn: “Possibly the most important business book you’ll ever read”

Noah Fleming: “Provides you with more real-world applicable business knowledge than an MBA

The emails pouring in from readers have also been really kind. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to write. Here’s a note from Winn Elliott:

I’m not gonna lie… I didn’t see this coming. I just got my copy of Rework today and have now read it cover to cover. Twice.

Best. Book. I’ve. Ever. Read.

Thank you guys for inspring me to be a better leader. This is exactly what I needed to hear… Confirming both what I’ve done right—and wrong.

Others have had similar kind words and we really appreciate it.

The attack ad
Our ad that “Swift Boated” Karl Rove made its way around the web too. Nearly 40,000 views at YouTube and mentions at Newsweek, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Valleywag, and lots of other places. And, according to one media source we spoke with, Rove has seen the ad and thinks it is “hysterical.”

Jason and David recently appeared on ABC News to discuss REWORK with host Tory Johnson.

And here’s an interview with Leo Laporte where David looks like Robocop:

More press is on the way too. One thing we’re still hopeful for: an interview with Charlie Rose. Anyone out there who can help make it happen? Seems like it would be a great fit.

Also, if you find your local Barnes & Noble or Borders store is out of REWORK, please let us know.