Some of the images we’ve been sharing lately in our internal Campfire chat room.

desandro portfolio David DeSandro overlays black paths with dots on top of the screenshots. You hover a dot to get part of the story so there’s a narrative weaving down the whole portfolio. Pretty neat.

observatory First images from the solar dynamics observatory.

type legal pad Pretty type on Oscar and Ewan About page. Seriously beautiful stuff on rest of the site too (like this legal pad).

therulesofagentleman Nice typography on this The Rules of a Gentleman site. Pet peeve though: Prev/Next links beneath content so they bounce around the page. Leave ‘em up top so mouse doesn’t have to chase ‘em around.

ketchup Ketchup is a tool for meetings (scheduling, agendas, etc.) and the single page motion layout is an interesting experience.

volcano Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano at The Big Picture.

lock Finally, the perfect lock for alcoholics.

Poison dart frogs wear striking colors to warn enemies that they are venomous.