Poetry speaks to many C.E.O.’s
Sidney Harman, founder of Harman Industries: “I used to tell my senior staff to get me poets as managers…Poets are our original systems thinkers. They look at our most complex environments and they reduce the complexity to something they begin to understand.”
The 105% Rule: Word of mouth is generated by unexpected highlights
“Call it the 105% Rule. From a word-of-mouth perspective, it’s virtually impossible to discuss an experience that is 5% better than the norm on all dimensions. People don’t talk like mystery shoppers, reporting diligently on each relevant feature. People talk about the exceptions, the unexpected, the highlights…Fostering the conversation you want customers to have about your products should be an explicit part of product development.”
Heat Maps are “the new visualization vogue”
“Lets you see trends at a glance. Heat maps are useful for everything from where to place your Google ads to sussing out rent prices in your city. They sometimes even approach the level of art.”
Black panel
“One Saab innovation, inspired by the company’s roots in aeronautics, was the ‘Black Panel’ feature (also known as Nightpanel). This allowed most instrument panel lights to be extinguished at night at the touch of a button, permitting less distraction during night driving. While Black Panel was active, other instruments could illuminate themselves as required to gain the driver’s attention.” [tx Derick]
Coke cans go on a diet
new can“Ever since its introduction, Coca-Cola Classic has had an ever-increasing need to cover its labels with extraneous seals, bubbles, stripes, bevels, edges, shadows, doodads, gizmos, what-have-you. Its a (pardon the pun) classic example of destroying a beautiful and timeless logo, but typical of what happens in packaging and advertising with the need of marketing departments to pack everything they can into whatever they can. (“Add this! Jazz it up! Make it pop!”) How this new label made it past all the approvals is beyond me, but it boldly projects confidence and respect for the Coca-Cola logo and brand as a piece of American culture that should not be adulterated. Kudos to Coke for having the balls to go with such a clean design.” [image via gedblog]
Pentagram makes a grill
“The Fuego grill was originally developed as part of the Discovery Channel show, but Pentagram retained the rights to the design. When no BBQ manufacturers were interested in the design (they did not get it), Robert Brunner formed a new company – Fuego North America – with another client and an Italian manufacturing company.”


Theory: Women, especially mothers, have advantages over men in the small-business world
“They are better listeners. Consequently, they pick up details and nuances men often miss. They are more active networkers. They are better motivators. Having to juggle home and workplace duties, they are better multi-taskers. They are more patient, and thus better able to stick to long-term strategies. They are more tenacious. Men can be pretty dogged, but not a single one, to my knowledge, has had to endure childbirth.”
Ridiculous list of boxes to uncheck
Perfect for people who like to uncheck 5,000 checkboxes.
Redheads at Improv Everywhere
“For our latest mission, over 50 redheads rode the subway together and protested a Manhattan Wendy’s for their ‘racist logo.’”