Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Ryan Singerrjs: Reeder on the iPad is growing on me. It’s fun to see the feed cards appear and disappear. More fun than a plain list w/ unread counts.

Sam Stephensonsstephenson: I want to rewrite all of our JavaScript in CoffeeScript. Am I crazy? http://bit.ly/6h5JKO

Ryan Singerrjs: I hope my Gmail account learns that any email with the word “webinar” in it is spam.

Sarah Hattersh: Chicago weatherpeople keep talking about our “tropical” weather. It’s funny how what they mean is wet & sweaty & hey your hair looks awful.

Ryan Singerrjs: I’ve been on a Walter Murch kick lately. I highly recommend “The Conversations” as an intro to his impressive mind http://amzn.to/cNdRq9

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: FYI iBookstore/Lulu: Apple gets 30% of revenue. Author gets 80% of remainding revenue. Lulu gets 20%. So $19.99 book = author gets $11.20.

asianmackasianmack: If you’re expecting immediate results, you will be disappointed… Most things worth doing take time before you see results. #10-minute-abs

DHHdhh: Interesting. I’m in DK and can’t trigger the iPhone 4 reception issue by holding on the antenna band. In the US, I could every time.