We’re looking for someone who loves numbers, loves business, and loves mixing the two. This is your thing.

They might call you an analyst, a business intelligence specialist, a data scientist, an economist, or a statistician. We want to call you part of our team.

You’ll be responsible for reviewing daily sales, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations. You’ll spot trends, establish and review analytics, monitor conversions, propose, implement, and measure strategies to increase revenues, grow profits, and improve margins. Using data and numbers, you’ll tell us things we didn’t know about our customers.

Our data currently comes from disparate sources including our own databases, raw usage logs, Google Analytics, and occasional qualitative surveys. You’ll be able to look at all of these sources, suggest new sources or metrics we should track, and make sense of it all. We have an abundance of intuition at 37signals. Now we want the data to back it up or prove it wrong.

You’ll be who we go to when we have a question like “How many customers that signed up 6 months ago are still around?” or “What’s the average lifetime value of a Basecamp customer who started on a free account then upgraded to a Premium plan?” or “Which upgrade paths generate the most revenue over a 24 month period?” or “What are the key drivers that encourage people to upgrade their Highrise account?” or “What sort of usage patterns lead to long-term customers?” or “Which customers are likely to cancel their account in the next 7 days?” or “In the long term would it be worth picking up 20% more free customers at the expense of 5% pay customers?”

We’ll use these answers to make decisions that will have significant impact on the business. You’ll love this stuff like we love design, programming, customer service, and product development.

You’ve done this job before and you’ve made a difference. Your insight, your reporting, and your findings have had an positive impact on someone’s bottom line. You also have a strong background in statistical analysis. We usually don’t care about schooling, but in this role it’ll be a distinct plus to see a relevant degree on the resumé.

How to apply

Email a cover letter and work experience to jointheteam@37signals.com. Please put “[BI]” in the the subject so we can filter these applications.

In addition, please include answers to the following three questions:

  1. Explain the process of determining the value of a visitor to the basecamphq.com home page.
  2. How would you figure out which industry to target for a Highrise marketing campaign?
  3. How would you segment our customer base and what can we do with that information?

We look forward to hearing from you.