pogolibrarypogoLibrary: “Rather than lining your walls with books, the books are the wall. You can’t have too much book space. Period. Goes anywhere. And the five shelves hold all your reading material while touching the ceiling and floor on only four white rubber feet.”

Perpetual calendar
Perpetual calendar: “There are only 7 days a month can start on and only 4 different month lengths (28, 29, 30 and 31 days). So with only 14 double sided inserts all 28 variations are covered.” [via SM]


Home Defibrillator
defribHeartStart Home Defibrillator Complete Kit: “The first over-the-counter home defibrillator guides with calm interactive voice instructions and determines the need for a shock, then advises it only if necessary; also coaches you through CPR.”

Illuminated Living Tea Lights
Illuminated Living Tea Lights: “Fired Up conjures up memories of warm nights, eating s’mores around the campfire. You Wish is a festive alternative to a real birthday cake, but without the calories.”

tea lights

heely's Shoes that roll. A design innovation that’s had a pretty amazing impact.