TeamSnap is a smart new Rails-based product that lets people manage recreational or youth-league sports team online.

Anybody who’s coached or played on a recreational adult sports team or youth sports team knows how hard it can be to keep track of all the players, games, and team payments. TeamSnap takes the headache out of team sports by making it simple to manage your sports team online.

It’s well done too. Useful concept, great presentation, attention to detail, smart marketing site, nice buttons/icons, friendly, etc.

Some screenshots:

Nice buttons and icons.

Thoughtful blank slate.

“Andy” guides you through the team settings process.

“Save” or “Save and Create Another” buttons.

The upload button echoes the header icon so it feels like you’re doing the right thing. And note the nifty little inline cancel button at the button.

Matt from TeamSnap wrote to us to tell us about the launch and the inspiration he received from attending one of our “Building of Basecamp” seminars:

I attended your “Building of Basecamp” seminar in Seattle a few years back and wanted to thank you and your team for inspiring us to follow your lead and transition from a “web design firm” to a “web-based software developer” (still underway). Our team has read your blog and book with great interest—your insights have been invaluable to us as we’ve worked on TeamSnap…Thanks again for inspiration and support!

Glad we could help guys. And kudos on building a site that meets a real need and does it well.