Indesit MOON
From: Tom Martin

I know it’s hard to get excited about a washing machine but I just saw the Indesit MOON and was amazed it only had FOUR buttons.

It also has this little ring that works like a progress bar, so you can just glace and see how long the cycle has left.

You should spread the word that washing machines have become simple!


Simplicity In UX
From: Shawn Oster

Thought you’d enjoy this as Kynan Antos also subscribes to the less is more school of thought:

Simplicity In UX

4. Remove everything possible (this will be controversial, expect to work outside your comfort zone) (Things to remove – text, iconography, features, unnecessary configuration, or settings, etc…)

He’s also posting his early UI prototypes for the WHS project, nice to see the evolution.

Bad product design in everyday life
From: Jeff Patterson

Interesting thread on poor product design at Straight Dope.

There were many things there I had never thought to be irritated about, and now I am. Well done, SDMB.

News Corp.
From: Nate Rosenberg

A recent quote about NewsCorp in the Wall St. Journal [via TP] reminded me of something you all wrote in a recent post.

Unlike typical big companies, News Corp. isn’t known for crafting and pursuing detailed, long-term business strategies. Instead, Mr. Murdoch follows his instincts, grabbing opportunities when they arise and sometimes giving them up just as quickly.

Sounds like 37signals...

Just as we don’t believe in functional specs for software, we don’t believe in functional specs for companies.

The screamers
From: Jorge Bernal Ordovás

I was reading about building an Open Source business and arrived at Luis Villa’s blog. I think this quote reflects quite well the Getting Real spirit…

Remember, the pissed off people scream — the happy people just go on with their lives. So you can’t just say ‘more people screamed than thanked us’ — that isn’t a useful metric.

The 10th Dimension
From: The Colonel

Other than being a really simple, interesting way to present multi-dimensional theory, I found the information design [here] to be wonderfully clear.

How To Blow Your Mind: The 10th Dimension

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