Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Using Campfire as a note-taking solution and for Getting Things Done
“I feel that Campfire’s excellent real-time record keeping ability, multiple chat room (or page) features, access options, and file management tools are ideal for not only the GTD system but point-of-contact record keeping.”

PluggedOut to “groupware” app customers: “Basecamp provides everything you might need”
“If you’re working in a ‘wide area network’ on a project, it’s essential to have somewhere central that all news, updates, milestones, tasks and such like can be pooled. Basecamp provides everything you might need.”

Get visual alerts every time a new message is posted in Campfire
If you’d like to get a visual alert every time a new message is posted in Campfire (one that’s visible even if your browser window is not), then check out this bit of code Snailbyte cooked up.

Ta-da List for iPhone: “Strong ease of use” for those who want no frills
“Just Another Mobile Monday, a mobile news site, just profiled different iPhone to do list applications. The author says, ‘For those who want no frills and a very basic feel, I’d go with Ta-Da List.’”

Ta-da List iPhone

Tiki: Task and bug tracker that integrates with Basecamp
Tiki is a new, simple, web-based task and bug tracker that integrates with Basecamp.

A collection of tips and tricks for Backpack
Taylor McKnight compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get more out of Backpack…The page also includes links to several of his Backpack pages as examples.

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