Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

New Backpack feature: Add Anywhere!
Add anywhere makes it easy to add the content you want right where you want it…The secret is the “Add here” control that you’ll find when you move your mouse above or below or between two pieces of content on a page. You’ll reveal the “Add here” control when your mouse is “in the gutter” to the left of the existing content…The best way to see it in action is to watch this video (Quicktime required).

NY Times: Basecamp is “a powerful project management and collaboration tool”
“A powerful project management and collaboration tool called Basecamp allows teams to store online entire project management plans, including performance targets, to-do lists, files, collaborative documents and messages.”

The Tech Brief: Campfire is a great alternative to in-person meetings
“There is no longer a worry of interrupting others or the inevitable fear of public speaking…Campfire allows people, miles apart, to work together better and easier than ever.”

Basecamp: Writeboard comments now show up on Dashboard and Project Overview
Now, any new Writeboard comments show up on your Dashboard and Project Overview pages.

New: Sort files by size in Basecamp
Another new Basecamp change we just rolled out: You can sort by file size within the “Files” tab (it’s one of the sorting options in the right sidebar).

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