Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Create an electronic invite with Backpack
inviteNiranjan V., President of Applied Materials Toastmasters, wrote us an email detailing how he used Backpack to create an electronic invite…”I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to use. The ability to embed Google Maps and add images (hosted on other websites) was very handy!”

Basecamp Case Study: How Sounds are Active rocks Basecamp
Chris Schlarb uses Basecamp to run his independent record label, Sounds are Active, and work on audio/video projects for clients. He’s also got a solo album coming out on December 4th on Sufjan Stevens’ record label Asthmatic Kitty and he’s using Basecamp now to coordinate the press and promotional campaign for the album. Chris talked with us about how Basecamp helps him coordinate his projects.

PackRat adds support for newest Backpack features
PackRat is a desktop client for Backpack which lets you use your Backpack data when you can’t be online. The newest version brings Packrat in line with the new Backpack. That means better syncing, better page display, support for dividers, etc.


Apple profiles Copenhagen design studio shiftcontrol, a Basecamp customer
shiftcontrol: Automobility is an Apple Pro profile of an innovative Copenhagen design studio. The sidebar of the profile reveals that shiftcontrol uses Basecamp to collaborate on projects.

Add Anywhere makes Backpack “infinitely useful and easy”
“Backpack just gets better and better. It’s infinitely useful and easy. Unlike many other sites that use Ajax to be flashy, Backpack is simply useful. I love it.”

Exporting data from Basecamp
“Do you have any suggestions for a product to open the XML Basecamp export?” Our answer: Firefox is probably the easiest way to open up the exported file.

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