Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

nContxt lets you access your Highrise contacts from your mobile phone
“nContxt is a mobile interface for 37signals‘ Highrise contact manager. It works on iPhones. It works on Windows Mobile phones, non-smartphones. It works on any phone with a web browsers. It’s free for the first week, and then $5/month.”

AARP site recommends Ta-Da List
“So I decided to find a Web site that offered an easier way to manage my to-do list. The one I like best is Ta-da Lists™. This site is easy to read, the list is simple to use, and there’s nothing to download.”

How to use Backpack for GTD
“As someone who has tried a slew of GTD software, I’ll never abandon Backpack. It’s the definitive solution.”

Highrise and Backpack are “essential tools for the online bootstrapper”
“If you need to keep track of who you talk to, what you said, and what to do next, Highrise is the product for you. I personally use this tool daily for all of my clients, and any business contacts I meet along the way.”

How to end a Backpack calendar event with a number
Any number at the beginning or end of a calendar entry will be parsed as a time. So, in this case [“Midterm 1”], Backpack thinks the 1 indicates 1 o’clock. There’s a workaround though. Use “Midterm 1.” — with a period.

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