Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

ProofHQ and Basecamp: Offer your project team richer review and approval tools
“ProofHQ integration with Basecamp” explains how to add ProofHQ proofs to your Basecamp projects. (ProofHQ is a web-based design collaboration, proofing and approval tool for brands, agencies, designers, print and production.)

One of our favorite uses for Backpack: “How to” pages
One way we love to use Backpack is for “how to” pages that guide us through confusing tech waters. These tutorial pages mean we don’t have to waste time relearning processes from scratch.


CSS tip for customizing the appearance of Backpack pages
“If you use Backpack, the organizing web tool and intranet from 37signals, you may sometimes wish you could modify the text on a page to fit a little more information on it. I have a page where I collect code snippets and terminal commands and the default font seems a bit large with so much content. Turns out there’s an easy solution to this: simply add a small amount of CSS to the page in the form of a note and you can change the formatting to meet your needs.”


Web consultant touts forwarding email into Highrise
“With Highrise, you blind-carbon copy a special drop box, something like [email protected]. The app does all the hard work, determining who you are from the dropbox subdomain, parsing the email to determine where to file it it the CRM system, and associating the message with the right people and companies and dates.”

Getting Real
Getting Real reader now “living in passion and designing a product that is actually useful”
“I decided start my own software company with a friend from college. The idea we have is great (I think) and I’m finally having fun writing software again, because I’m writing it under constraints—the constraints of my day job, and of real life. Gone are my class diagrams, design documents, and long-winded e-mails. I have arrived at a happy place of producing features and code, living in passion, and designing a product that is actually useful (or will be, I hope)!”

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