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Reactions to the new Backpack from around the web
“I’ve always been a big fan of Backpack, but this is a whole new thing. If you’re part of organization that has always wanted a single place where staff and volunteers could share information, calendars, even reminders (including SMS), definitely give Backpack a try. I can’t think of better option, especially for churches and non-profits.”

Basecamp is a Webware 100 finalist (again)
From a list of thousands of nominees, Webware editors selected 300 finalists for the Webware 100 Awards — and we’re pleased to announce Basecamp is one of the finalists. If you’re a fan, please go to Webware and vote for Basecamp.

“They call it Open Bar, I call it awesome!”
“You’ll see a change in your Basecamp like below, where my three accounts are listed at the top, and you can move between them seemlessly. They call it Open Bar and I call it awesome!”

open bar
A look at Abunga’s Open Bar.

DesignSessions calls Basecamp a design freelancer’s best friend
“One aspect users have described as a ‘godsend’ is the ability to merge time-tracking with project deliverables, allowing you to set up milestones and to-do lists for a project and time-track as you check tasks off your list.”

An update to the “People on this project” section on the Basecamp Overview screen
Instead of “last login” we now show “latest activity.” This way if someone logged in a few days ago, but just accessed a project a few minutes ago, we can show an accurate “few minutes ago” access in the list.

“What do I use Backpack for? To run my life”
Samuel Kordik recently cited Backpack as his website of the week. He says he uses Backpack “to run my life…I use a page for each of my action lists, and then a page for projects, a page for Someday/Maybe’s, and a page for Notes.”

Social Signals uses Basecamp and GTD for project management and workflow
Project management and workflow with Basecamp is Alexandra Samuel’s extremely detailed look at how Social Signals uses Basecamp for managing its projects. (Social Signals helps sites build communities with active participants.) It’s especially worth a look if you’re searching for ideas on how use Basecamp as part of GTD.

How Basecamp and Highrise unite MatrixStore’s remote team
“The team was split between the two centers. Basecamp particularly was a lifesaver. The ability to have a central place for discussions, files and to-do’s where the guys could collaborate on new ideas or find the information they needed was invaluable. It slashed the email deluge and kept us productive in a very important phase of our development process…I’ve been relying more on Highrise keeping track of all the interactions and to-do’s with customers, prospects and partners. The ability to cc a copy of an important email directly onto the recipients Highrise record rocks. And all with a web-based interface that I’m sure even Stevie J would approve. Highly recommended.”

Pixel Acres on lightweight project management with Backpack
“Another powerful feature of the Backpack calendar is that events can span several days, making it perfect for emulating Gantt charts. For example, a typical website project might require four multi-day events: Pre-Design, Design, Development and Deployment. By creating a separate color coded calendar for each active job it is easy to get a visual overview of the time allocated across all project, which should make project scheduling far simpler.”

cal Using multi-day events for projects.

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