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[Case study] Happy Cog: ”’Photos, or it didn’t happen?’ is how we feel about Basecamp”
“We use Basecamp as a file repository for shared resources, from An Event Apart attendee email boilerplate to every deliverable of every phase of every Happy Cog client job. It’s our discussion forum for the editorial and technical review of every article commissioned by or submitted to A List Apart Magazine. Our A List Apart editorial team edits and copyedits every accepted piece in Basecamp’s Writeboard tab. We also use Writeboard to edit site and newsletter copy and for cross-studio strategic discussions about the agency, the conference, the book series, and the direction of the magazine. And of course we use Basecamp to keep project dates and deliverables on track.”


Freshlog lets you easily take a screenshot, annotate it, and upload it to a Basecamp project
You can send screenshots directly to Basecamp with Freshlog. The app lets you take a screenshot, crop it, annotate it, and upload it to a project.


Tip: Add client names to your Basecamp Milestones for quick scanning on your Dashboard
“We type in the name of the client when creating a milestone. That way, we can see the client that any given milestone relates to on the dashboard.”

Basecamp is now more secure with XSS protection
“We have improved the security of Basecamp against cross-site scripting attacks. This means filtering all HTML posted to messages, comments, and anywhere else you can enter text in Basecamp for JavaScript and dangerous tags.”

How Resolve Digital starts its day: “Coffee. See what’s going on in the world. Basecamp.”
“We also use todos lists not just to log tasks that need to get done, but as a brainstorming tool. For example, we’re using a todo list to document marketing ideas for the upcoming release of a new version Refinery, our Content Management System. The team can then elaborate upon any todo item by posting comments to it.”

Ss2_11How KROME uses TimeTrack to count hours in Basecamp
“I use Basecamp everyday to track my project deadlines, keep everyone on the same page to prevent miscommunication, and, of course, I need to measure the amount of time I’ve spent to always counter check if the project is profitable. TimeTrack is a Basecamp widget on Mac OS that I use as a counter and submit the results directly into the system every time.”

Bridge is a Blackberry app for Highrise
Bridge is a subscription based BlackBerry application that enables synchronization and online and offline access to Highrise. (Note: Bridge is not a 37signals product.)

Latest Propane update lets you use new Campfire conference calling feature
If you use Campfire with Propane (a Mac download that lets you run Campfire as a standalone app), you can now upgrade Propane and start making conference calls.

UK/Indonesia team leader gives four reasons why using Campfire to communicate can be better than voice discussions
“1. You can take your time. 2. You review what you say before you say it. 3. You have a written record of what you all said, which is super-helpful when you forget why, exactly, you thought that doing such-and-such was a good idea. 4. In-line images.” More details at link.

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