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New in Highrise: Inline editing of notes and emails
Here’s a new feature that will make editing and deleting Highrise notes and emails a lot faster: Inline editing. Now when you hover over a note or an email in expanded view you’ll see an “edit and trashcan” link appear to the left of the note. Clicking “Edit” will allow you to edit the note or email inline. This saves two page reloads and a good 10 seconds of back and forth.

Pulse is a new web-based cash flow management tool that integrates with Basecamp
“Say goodbye to unmanageable spreadsheets, and hello to an intuitive interface with the power to quickly manage and evaluate your income and expenses. Pulse makes tracking the health of your business simple, accurate and efficient.” pulse

Happy Cog livens up Basecamp with cool avatars
“In the past year or so I’ve been noticing a funny thing during our kickoffs with new clients. We briefly show them Basecamp and talk about how we would like both companies to use it during the project. When we get to the People page their demeanor completely shifts, they see a slew of our avatars staring back at them. We just used them because we though they were funny, but for new clients unfamiliar with Basecamp, it has the added effect of breaking the ice for them. Rather than ‘oh, great new software to learn,’ it becomes ‘hey, we can have fun with this.’”

CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited calls Basecamp “THE tool that brought our company closer”
“Basecamp from 37Signals was THE tool that brought our company closer, weeded out hidden agendas, kept us focused on what’s best for the company, inspired more ideas and solutions from everyone, leveled the playing field for discussions and decisions, reduced email overload, saved time and lets us manage a host (many) of projects nearly seamlessly.”

Geezeo uses Campfire for live chat and customer support
“Most customers have questions that can be handled in real time and since our team is in Campfire all the time anyhow, this extra customer facing room is great for our visitors. Having this real-time interaction also creates a great opportunity to talk to visitors that might be ‘on the fence’ about signing up. Once they get to see the team in there and we can address any questions they might have, they are very likely to have a greater comfort level about becoming a Geezeo user.”

How Chad Brandt uses Backpack to organize travel, work, and business school information
Chad wrote to us with a list of ways Backpack helps him organize his travel, work, and business school information.

Design firm uses Backpack to create portfolio site
Lemieux Graphic Design uses Backpack to create a simple but effective portfolio site. The firm uses Backpack’s picture galleries to showcase its identity, advertising, promotion, print collateral, and web design work.

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