Is Don Norman right about Google?
“I’m guessing that Google’s playfulness and relatively sloppy integration go hand in hand. When you’re constantly playing, innovating, and launching, you don’t always have time to unify things perfectly.”

Push optional data entry as far back as you can
“That signup process solidified my long held belief: don’t ask for it if you really don’t need it. And I mean if you really don’t need it. There’s a world of difference between ‘nice to know now’ and ‘need to know now.’”

Olivo Barbieri’s aerial photographs
“In Olivo Barbieri’s aerial photographs, people look like ants and cities like toy models. He shoots from a helicopter using a tilt-shift lens.”

Getting in too-much touch (interruption is not collaboration)
“Interruption is being mistaken for collaboration. The are drastically different things. Interruption is productivity’s biggest enemy. It sounds counterintuitive to many, but we should be working harder on staying apart and less on getting in touch too much. A healthy dose of physical and virtual distance is a good thing. If we want to be highly productive we need more alone time.”

How to Choose a Designer
“When building web apps, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who will do the design work. Your app is likely to fail if the design and usability are poor.”

Design Decisions: Sharing in Backpack
“The last thing is a better icon. That tiny text has got to go. And sharing isn’t really about broadcasting, it’s more about agreement right? Every screen and block takes an interesting path from concept to fruition.”

Fireside Chat: Richard Bird, Jim Coudal, and Carlos Segura
“We gathered three design veterans (and old friends of 37signals), Richard Bird, Jim Coudal, and Carlos Segura…Topics included their roots/influences, what it’s like to sell your own products, dream projects, control freaks, the loss of craft in design, and how they used to walk five miles to school every day, in the snow, uphill, both ways.”