Click the links below to learn more about these improvements:

1) New in Basecamp: Enhanced private messages, to-do lists, and files
Now it is more clear when you’ve made an item private and easier than ever to see who can view it. We know private items are important so it’s vital that you get clear visual feedback when you mark something “private”. When creating a message, a to-do list, or uploading a file, clicking the private checkbox will highlight the entire message form like this:


2) New in Basecamp: View all attached images at once, faster zooming previews
We just made it faster and easier to review all the images attached to a message or comment in Basecamp. Now you’ll see a link called “View all of these images at once” below the image thumbnails when more than one image is attached. Click the link to open a new window with all the images inside at full size.


3) Good citizen update: Now all Basecamp plans include SSL security
We rolled out an update that may not make short-term financial sense for us, but it’s the right thing to do. Now all Basecamp plans — including the free plan — include SSL secure encryption (what’s SSL?). Prior to this update only Plus-and-higher plans included SSL.

4) New in Highrise: Faster contact info with the Quickcard in the sidebar
Now when you view a company you’ll see a little contact icon beside each person in the sidebar under “People in this company.” Hover over the icon to display a Quickcard with that person’s contact info. The Quickcard is a really fast way to check someone’s contact information. We also added this feature to Cases and Deals, so you can easily see contact info for people involved with a Case or Deal.

Quick card

5) New in Highrise: Improved tags list
The new design groups your tags by letter of the alphabet. The list is broken into groups so you can scan it more easily and find the tag you need more quickly. Here is a look at the redesigned tags list: