Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Kiran Max Weber@kiranmaxweber: @al3x on @banksimple: “Our investment in design is really going to come through.” Love these interviews by @danbenjamin. http://ow.ly/1TSWI

Jamis Buck@jamis: beautifully done recipe site: http://naturallyella.com/. Check the “Recipes” link, too: http://naturallyella.com/recipes/. Inspiring!

uptonic@uptonic: Know the grid. Love the grid. Just don’t be constrained by the grid.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Flyers jersey as a floor mat at Club Lago in Chicago. http://twitpic.com/1tl36z

Joshua Sierles@jsierles: The sysadmin is often measured by a lack of failures rather than a series of achievements.

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: Full list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343

Kiran Max Weber@kiranmaxweber: We’re looking for another customer service and support person to join 37signals! http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/6873

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: “19 yo whiz kid makes $60MM!” = Good story. But the media’s desire for good stories crowds out other, truer, more replicable stories.

Jamis Buck@jamis: some of these store websites need “store locator” locators.

37signals@37signals: Interview with @jasonfried on the history of 37signals and why you should grow your business like an oak tree. http://bit.ly/cBgOqR

Ryan Singer@rjs: Almost all of the letters I receive are written by robots.

Sarah Hatter@sh: Just scraped dried birthday cake frosting out of the buckle of my Birkenstock. Definitely a good weekend.

Ryan Singer@rjs: Beautifully direct website for documentary film creators “Show of Force” http://bit.ly/ck8BI4